Train to San Ramón proposed

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Our Costa Rican Government should be looking at alternative transportation options rather than keep funding highway operations only. The future is in finding alternative methods of transportation versus putting more demand on petroleum, which we know too well is expensive in Costa Rica.

I propose an inquiry and study of building a railroad system that would service routes between the cities of Alajuela  and San Ramón.  A commuter bus would operate to bring passengers to and from the San José International Airport (Juan Santamaría)  to the Alajuela Station.

Here would be some advantages: Elimination of a 3,500-colon toll proposal for commuters, little or no traffic interruptions, decrease in oil consumption, less traffic leading to increase in highway safety, private funding versus government funding or maybe a small percent of government subsidies to begin.

I am thinking the train could come from Alajuela and follow the old road into Grecia. It is all valley road and would appear to be a better path for construction than following the Route 1 or the Pista. Than once in Grecia,..maybe route over to Sarchí to Naranjo and then the old San Ramón road into San Ramón.

To survey this idea the government here could advertise an open bid for the operations of this commuter railroad to be funded privately and managed privately but yet under regulations of safety, pricing, etc. of the government here.  If funding is not 100 percent, than the operations could be subsidized but at far less expense than incurring the highway project to San Ramón.

Joseph Cahill
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