Trio held in motorcycle murder

A man and twin brothers in Goicoechea has been detained on the allegation that they were the motorcycle killers that were involved in one murder and one attempt.

The Fiscalía Adjunta contra la Delincuencia Organizada supervised the arrest at two homes in Ipís de Goicoechea, said the Poder Judicial.

There have been so many murders by persons riding double on motorcycles that the head of the judicial police wants to prohibit the motorcyclists from carrying passengers.

The announcement of the arrest said that the twins are the nephews of the detained man. The Poder Judicial attributed the murder of a man in  Metrópolis II de Pavas Monday to the man and one of the nephews.

The trio are accused of taking prisoner a man last Nov. 16 in Rincón Grande de Pavas. The victim was tortured but managed to escape, the Poder Judicial said.

Judicial police reported that they confiscated marijuana and cocaine when they made the arrests.

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