U.S. expat businessman gunned down by would-be killers in Escazú

A U.S. expat businessman was the target of an assassination attempt late Wednesday morning in the Paco section of Escazú.

The man had left a restaurant and entered his vehicle when two men on a motorcycle pulled up and shot him multiple times with a 9-mm. pistol, said judicial investigators.

The victim went to Hospital San Juan de Dios where he was described as in critical condition. He suffered at least four bullet wounds to the body.

There was confusion over his identity. The Judicial Investigating Organization said his last name was Noah. He also was identified informally as Noah Freeman or Jason Fein­man.

Judicial police said he was 42.

The agency also said he was in the real estate business, but other sources said he operated a call center. He was believed to be a long-time resident of the country.

Judicial police said he lives in the area where the attack took place.

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