U.S. firm to display its coffee rust antidote

A Tennessee firm that says it has a solution to coffee rust, known as roya de cafe (Hemileia vastatrix), plans a meeting to introduce its products.

The meeting will be Thursday at the Hotel Barcelo Guatemala City.

The firm is GroGenesis, Inc., that said the event is invitation-only to qualified Central American agricultural industry leaders, government representatives and others with interests in the agricultural sector.

The firm said that the event aims to introduce the GroGenesis flagship products,
AgraBlast and AgraBurst and to inform industry professionals from across Guatemala as well as from Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua on the impact and benefits these products can offer to regional high value agricultural operations.

The current outbreak of coffee rust is the worst seen in Central America and Mexico since the fungal disease arrived in the region more than 40 years ago. Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica have declared national emergencies over the disease.

The rust mainly infects coffee leaves, but also young fruit and buds. Coffee rust spores are spread by the wind and the rain from lesions on the underside of leaves. Production is cut drastically.

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