Whoops! Wrong guy was in prison for 17 months

The case had a kafkaesque quality or perhaps the tone of one of those grim Russian novels.

A Nicaraguan man was questioned at a police checkpoint, and officers found a name similar to his describing a person wanted to serve a four-year prison term.

Despite the man’s protests that his second last name was different than that of the wanted man, law enforcement clapped him into prison, for 17 months.

The Sala IV constitutional court cited what it said was the indifference and negligence of all those officials involved in the case who turned deaf ears to the claims of the prisoner.  That characterization was in a summary of a decision released Tuesday.

The court also said that the detained man did not look like the photo of the wanted individual and that there was a 28-year age difference.

The case is another black eye to the prison system which has seen a recent severe beating of an inmate by other prisoners.

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