Without modified crops, millions starve

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

So Steven Drucker and Jane Goodall are launching their anti-genetically modified crop book in Costa Rica. No doubt they will become very rich and perhaps that is their motivation for trying to starve the world.

Many relatively wealthy Gringos oppose GM and will be filling these pages with supporting messages.

Often these same people tell the anti-climate warming brigade to look at the science. The vast majority of scientists are convinced that there is man-made climate warming. Well before there is a knee jerk reaction against GM, you should also look at the science. Overwhelmingly, scientists have little fear from GM and they are not all in the pay of Monsanto.

Opponents might also reflect on the lack of reality in their ideas of somehow feeding the world’s 7 billion people with organic crops. If GM and pesticides were banned and everyone tried to live organically, hundreds of millions would starve, but not of course the wealthy Gringos. May be it is self obsession to try and prevent progress in order to live the way we want too.

All the crops we consume today and the animals that supply meat are the result of selective breeding. GM is simply a scientific way of achieving the same ends. Read the critics of Druker and Goodall and you will see that geneticists have discovered that gene transfers across species exist in nature and not just in the lab.

Lastly, reflect on this, if the lobby against GM crops succeeds in Costa Rica and not elsewhere, it will cause further lack of competitiveness in the Costa Rican economy. Of course the rich Gringos will only care that the place is too expensive now and complain about that.

Aaron Aalborg


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