Women journalists suffering harassment

Women journalists in Trinidad and Tobago have become targets of social media harassment, and the Inter American Press Association condemned these defamatory attacks.

The Association of Caribbean Media Workers also protested the continuous defamatory attacks, declaring that this is a concerted attempt to intimidate and smear the characters of the women journalists who are investigating wrongdoing in the public administration.

Among those concerned are Asha Javeed, Denyse Renne and Anika Gumbs of the newspaper Trinidad Express and Sunity Maharaj, columnist of the Sunday Express.

According to local media, the harassment, mainly carried out on Facebook, was understood to have come from users supporting the People’s Partnership, the governing political alliance.

In the Inter American Press Association report on press freedom presented at the organization’s membership meeting in Panamá it was stated that in Trinidad and Tobago, due to the imminence of general elections, threats to journalists have increased, as have disclosures and denunciations of corruption in government.

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