Would-be expats need to do homework

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am a bit puzzled about the letter to the editor about the Canadian couple. We have lived here for over 22 years, both are Canadian, have also reached that “golden age of retirement” since moving here.

What I read in this letter, is people who unfortunately did not do their homework before moving to Costa Rica. The Canadian government makes it very clear of what to expect when leaving home for other climes. We both knew that my husbands’ pension would be based on the length of time we lived outside Canada. Yes, it isn’t very much money, so this should have been considered before moving here.

As the cost of living in Costa Rica has skyrocketed over the last few years, trying to live on an income in the low digits, is called existing. Having to join the Caja, waiting to see a good doctor, not being able to get the medication you may need because the Caja doesn’t have them, etc, is all a fact of life down here and probably will get worse as the country gets much more expensive.

Electrical, water, food (even local fare) will soon be unattainable on $1,200.00 a month for two people.

I believe once they are back home for awhile, they will begin to realize that was the better decision for the future.

The most important lesson from the original article is: Do your homework in both countries and do realize the making huge changes that will affect your future should be well thought out and planned.
Cathy Knorr
Santa Ana

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