Bridge serves up another surprise for motorists

The suffering of motorists and their passengers will continue today.

Traffic on the major routes to vacation spots has been bumper-to-bumper for a week. Highways that carry traffic to the Pacific, such as Ruta 27 and the Interamericana Norte, have been slow going even without the frequent accidents.

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Just as traffic officials instituted plans to speed the return of vacationers, that metal plate on the General Cañas highway bridge over the Río Virilla has acted up.

This plate is on the Alajuela-San José lanes which may be reduced to one lane this morning. Workmen were on the site Sunday morning, and motorists had to steer around a barrier outlining the three-foot by six-foot metal plate. Still, two lanes of traffic were maintained.

However, the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that a crew was working overnight to tack down the recalcitrant plate. Officials expected the roadway to be open by 5 a.m., but they still urged the use of alternate routes.

There are plates over an expansion joint in both the eastbound and westbound lanes. Officials have been working for years without much success to keep these plates from bouncing around under vehicle wheels.

There are plans to widen the river bridge from the current four lanes, and officials expect to rebuild the span completely.

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