Conviction listing was false, Sala IV notes

The judiciary is having its troubles with innocent persons.

There have been several high-profile cases where innocent individuals were sent to prison in error. In one case, a man actually was convicted and only managed to get out of a long prison term with a legal appeal.

A woman who appealed to the Sala IV constitutional court had another problem. She was seeking a hoja de delincuencia, which is an official criminal record emitted by the judiciary.

The record is something that frequently is sought by employers and other authorities.

She complained that the judicial registry incorrectly said that she had been convicted of drug sales. There was a conviction for that crime in the Puntarenas courts, but the woman making the appeal was not the suspect, the court was told.

The constitutional court reported that the conviction has been applied to the names of two persons, including the woman making the appeal. The magistrates ordered that the woman’s name be cleared.

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