Escazú murder victim found in San Pedro

A former boyfriend is being sought in the murder of an Escazú woman Tuesday night.

The 33-year-old victim had the last names of García Soto. She was staying with parents for an unknown reason in Bello Horizonte, Escazú, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

A witness told investigators that he saw a man shoot a woman who was on the ground. That was outside of her home. When Fuerza Pública officers arrived, they reported that they could find no body, only some blood and some expended cartridges.

Police then said they launched a search for the woman.

There were no clues until Wednesday when a worker at a parking structure at Mall San Pedro noticed a car that had been parked overnight on the upper and sixth level.

Police located the woman’s body on the rear seat. The woman had suffered two bullet wounds to the head.

The former boyfriend has been described as aggressive and unstable. Investigators know his identity.

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