Forget the eggs and concentrate on candy!

The colored eggs in the Easter basket were just distractions. The real deal were the chocolates, the little yellow marshmallow chicks and the many jellybeans.

Unforgettable are those half pound chocolate eggs with a coconut filling.

Christmas is great for kids, and the presents are many. But they are not edible.

For youngsters growing up in the 50s, the Easter basket was the best. Mom gets the colored eggs for a long procession of egg salad sandwiches. Then the job is to find all those jellybeans hiding in the grass-like green packing in the basket.

There seemed to be an unlimited number, particularly if a handful could be snatched from sister’s basket.

Nutritionists of today would roll their eyes at the calorie-picking assortment in the basket. Unfortunately, most of those tall chocolate Easter bunnies were hollow. What a cheat.

Wolfing down one of those chocolate bunnies was impossible without smearing the face and the fingers. And this was a clear sign that Mom’s order to stay out of the Easter basket was violated.

Slowly the candy content of the basket became reduced. Finally the basket was shelved and a small bag of goodies remained. Then it was time to wait for next year.

And make a trip to the dentist.

— Jay Brodelleaasterbasket040215
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