Friday will be another holiday, May Day

This work week ends with a holiday, International Workers’ Day. This is a legal holiday in Costa Rica and also the day for the traditional worker’s march.

Although the march will point out some controversies from the labor organizations, the march is also open to anyone with any type of gripe. Usually the event is colorful and peaceful.

The scene will be Avenida 2 and the destination will be the legislative complex. Naturally there will be problems with traffic.

This year the unions are expected to express their unhappiness with a proposed labor code.

This is the first May 1 in office for the Luis Guillermo Solís government. The day includes the election of the officers who will preside over the legislature for another year. There is a lot of politicking going on by various factions to promote their favorites.

May 1 is the day when the president is supposed to deliver what amounts to a state of the nation speech. The evening audience will be heavy with diplomats.

The Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados has made a point of linking the day with the national campaign 160 years ago to fight U.S. filibusterer William Walker in Guanacaste and in Nicaragua.

The union organization said it was on May 1 when then-president  Juan Rafael Mora Porras called the nation to action against Walker.

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