Fuerza Pública officers expand their list of helping wild creatures

Add anteater to the list of creatures that have received a helping hand from the Fuerza Pública. Thursday morning the scene was in El Carmen de Paso Canoas, Corredores.

A resident called the local office of the Policía de Fronteras and said that an anteater, sometimes called oso hormiguero in Spanish, was in a tree in a local park. Because of the urban nature of the area, the resident said there was fear that dogs or misguided individuals might do the animal harm.

Anteaters are considerably less challenging than a 4.5 meter crocodile or even a sharp-clawed sloth, which police have encountered earlier. So two officers were successful in getting the creature down from the tree. Despite the name, these creatures eat a variety of insects, so the animal probably was up the tree looking for a meal.

Local workers for the Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación were given the job of finding the animal a new and safer home, said police.

Just this year, police agencies have had 23 animal calls, ranging from birds to members of other unique species of tropical Costa Rica. Last year police handled 75 such calls, said the Minsterio de Segruidad Pública.anteater042415

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