He’s not swayed by warming arguments

ear A.M. Costa Rica:

I have come to be referred to as an environmentalist in training due to the many years of being a Costa Rica property owner. Since I have owned 951 hectares in the Fila Chonta Mountain Region of Costa Rica overlooking the towns of Quepos and Manuel Antonio since 1995, I have become more aware of our surroundings (our planet) and the effect on it from humans.

There has been a lot of talk on both sides of the issue, and I still seem to remain a little to the right of center. I am not a scientifically educated man so I have no choice except to rely on common sense. Do humans have an effect on our environment? In my opinion, I feel the answer is yes. Is it as bad as some expound, I feel absolutely not. I have no hidden agenda in the summation of my opinion and I do not feel that this is true from most on the other side (left) of the issue.

The fact is if you took every human being on the planet Earth, current population 7.2 billion, did you know that they would all, every man, woman and child on Earth, fit in the state of Texas and Montana if we simply used the same population density that now exists in New York City, and we would still have space for 237,231,260 more folks?

No more crowded and no less crowded the same. Is New York City crowded, in this Georgia boy’s opinion, yes? Do I love to visit New York City, absolutely. Would Texas and Montana be crazy if every person on Earth lived there, probably. Would I love to visit Texas and Montana if it was populated like New York City? No way could it be as much fun as New York City, so in my opinion, probably not.

Is Christiana Figures brave? I think so. Has she brought a lot of notoriety to Costa Rica? I think yes. Is she a smart lady? We’ve met twice. I think yes. Is she a left of center on the global warming issue? I feel she is. Does she make a wonderful living by staying on the left side of this issue? I believe she does. Does she have ulterior motives in some of her conclusions and statements? I can’t get in her mind and heart, but I feel like she might.

A lot of folks do not let the facts or common sense enter into their thought processes, so many times the hidden agenda pops up. Do a little math, and it will be easy to verify these above facts. Is the planet in the catastrophic position that so many claim? You decide as I think I already have.

 Mike Michael
Quepos and Atlanta, Georgia


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