How about a short course in crocodiles?

The mean streets might be challenging for police officers, but in Jacó and Tárcoles de Garabito officers sometimes run into crocodiles or their relatives.

So the security ministry invited Laura Porras Murillo of the Instituto Internacional en Conservación y Manejo de la Vida Silvestre at the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, to share her knowledge.

As might be expected, her principal advice was prudence, said the ministry in a summary.

Dr. Porras said that there is not a big upswing in the croc population, but the ministry said that more and more police officers are called upon to handle the critters on the Pacific coast and on the Caribbean.

During heavy rains, such animals can be seen crossing roadways on the Pacific coast.

Police have been called upon to trap and remove crocodiles up to 4.5 meters in length. That’s nearly 15 feet.crocs042215

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