Husband in fugitive adoption case surrenders after leaving Costa Rica

A man now 50 has surrendered in another case of non-custodial abduction linked to Costa Rica.

The man, Scott Kelley, formerly of  Whitefield, New Hampshire, accompanied the missing daughter, Mary Nunes, now 19, to Atlanta from Costa Rica where he was taken into custody April 15.

Miss Nunes is the daughter of  Genevieve Kelley, Scott Kelley’s wife, and the woman’s ex-husband, Mark Nunes.  Mrs. Kelly surrendered last year.

So far how the couple and the girl managed to evade authorities for more than10 years has not been disclosed. Nor is it known if they spent all that time in Costa Rica.

As with other custody battles that led to flights from the United States to Costa Rica, Mrs. Kelley alleged that her ex-husband was abusing the girl. He had full custody rights at the time, according to a New Hampshire television station news story, which added that investigators were not able to substantiate the allegations against the father.

The case was featured on a television series that deals with missing persons.

The U.S. Marshals Service said that Kelley and Miss Nunes showed up at the U.S. consulate in Costa Rica to obtain passports April 13 for a flight back to the United States. “During this process it was learned that Kelley had an outstanding arrest warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and that Nunes, 19, was a missing person,” said the Marshals Service.  “Given this information, Kelley and Nunes were issued temporary passports for travel back to the United States.”

Miss Nunes was allowed to continue her travels, said the Marshals Service. The New Hampshire television station said that she is expected to testify at her mother’s trial.

A.M. Costa Rica reporters have concluded after investigating prior cases that a network exists in the United States and in Costa Rica that assists fugitive mothers to live here without being discovered. In a prior case, investigators were thrown off by a false trail into Canada that they thought could only have been developed by persons with training in police methods.

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