Industrial chamber challenges tax agency on shareholder names

The nation’s industrial chamber has appealed the tax agency’s plan to get the names of company shareholders.

The chamber, the Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica, said it filed the contencioso administrativo appeal because the  Dirección General de Tributación is seeking this information without legal authority.

The chamber said that this defeats the purpose of an anonymous corporation and also violates the Costa Rican Constitution.

The tax agency issued a resolution that included a request for the names of shareholders of large firms.

The chamber also is seeking a legal prohibition against the tax agency seeking the information while the case progresses.
Some Costa Rican investors want to keep their names private for safety reasons. The tax agency promises confidentiality, but the files will be open to many employees.

Some companies have to report their shareholders. Any firm that does business with the government has to list shareholders so that officials know that there is no conflict of interest.

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