Investigators weigh possibility of suicide in bizarre death in Puriscal

Judicial investigators said Friday that they think that the death of  Robert Lemon Stewart could be a suicide but that the investigation continues.

Friends of the man, who lived in Grifo Alto de Puriscal, present the picture of a Vietnam veteran suffering periodic bouts of depression.

If the death is a suicide, it ranks among some of the more bizarre. The theory is that Stewart created a bed of branches, ignited it and then killed himself so that he would fall into the fire.

The man has not been seen by neighbors or friends since Tuesday, which is why some went in search of him Thursday.

One of the man’s dogs died in his home where investigators said they found blood.

The dog had been shot.

The burned area some 100 meters from the U.S. citizen’s home was about 60 square meters, agents said. There is where a second dog was and the burned bones presumed to be those of Stewart.

Judicial agents reported they were told that the man said he wanted to end his life, but investigators added they are awaiting positive identification of the bones from the medical examiner as well as ballistic confirmation.

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