Lawmakers propose extensive bike routes

Three lawmakers have submitted a proposal that would license bicycles, create a network of bike paths throughout the country and tax parking spaces and motor vehicles to pay the costs.

The lawmakers said they want citizens to be more healthy by using bike transportation.

The proposal even calls for the establishment of bike rental shops in every canton. The lawmakers are Laura Garro Sánchez, Edgardo Araya Sibaja and José Ramírez Aguilar.  The legislation has not yet been assigned a number.

The summary of the bill contains lengthy arguments why bike transport would be good for citizens and the country. Among the reasons are fewer traffic deaths, improvement in individual health, as well as the obvious reduction in vehicle pollution.

The bill makes it clear that the goal is to change the vehicle culture.

The proposal contains incentives of tax rebates for employers who make investments like parking lots for bikes. There also is a proposal to create an agency to offer bike safety training.

The Registro Nacional would create bike license plates with unique numbers. And a money prize would be offered every year for the canton that has developed its bike program the best.

The tax on parking lots would be from 18 to 24 percent a month of the judicial base salary that is used to compute fines and taxes here. The proposed law also says parking places would pay the tax, but it is unclear on the method.

In addition to the tax on parking, the cycle program would be money from a tax on vehicle marchamos or road taxes each year, according to the proposal.

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