Massive series of police raids aimed at battling narcotics ring

Police, judicial investigators and even the security ministry’s air arm moved to detain 14 persons and to crimp in the drug trade and the wave of narcotics-related murders. A force of  322 officers conducted 27 raids at locations in Linda Vista in Cartago, Patarra, Barrio Cristo Rey and Pavas in San José, in Alajuela and in the southern zone.

Investigators said that those detained were members of a drug gang headed by Luis Ángel Martínez Fajardo. The gang is one of two major narcotics distributing organizations in the country, investigators said.

Many of the recent murders, perhaps as many as 60, are believed related to the territorial war between these rivals, said investigators. During the raids, police said they came in contact with persons unrelated to the drug organization but who had outstanding warrants. They were detained, too.

Martínez, the suspected leader, is believed to have been detained in Nicaragua.raid042915

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