Municipality chastised by Sala IV

Some officials, both national and local, appear to be ready for a refresher course in human rights.

Last Feb. 24, the Municipalidad de San José issued a press release that said certain activities would be prohibited in public spaces. This includes Bible readings, clown shows, music and other activities that the municipality calls spontaneous displays.

There are a handful of religiously motivated individuals who harangue the public, mainly in the vicinity of the central post office. Most of those who like to sit there and take the sun have learned to ignore them. At various intersections clowns and jugglers perform for money.

As annoying as these activities may be, they are protected actions under the Costa Rican Constitution, the Sala IV noted as it struck down the municipal rule.

The court also ordered the municipal officials from enforcing similar measures. Two persons brought appeals and said the regulation violated their religious rights as well as the rights of expression and gathering.

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