New wrinkle reported on an old con

There is a new wrinkle to an old con game that the Fuerza Pública reported Monday.

The basic con is that someone selling an item through online advertising will be contacted and eventually asked to give the item to a third party for delivery elsewhere.

Some do this in expectation of payment, but the money never arrives, and the third party usually is an innocent messenger or taxi driver.

The latest wrinkle is that the crook pretends to be a physician.

A woman sought to sell her electronic tablet, and the crook arranged a meeting outside a city hospital. But when the woman arrived at the designated location, the supposed physician was not available. He said he was in surgery.

So the crook told the woman to give the electronic device to a nearby taxi driver who would deliver it to a designated address. The physician promised to finish up the surgery and deliver the money to the woman.

Of course that never happened.

The Fuerza Pública said this technique has been repeated at least four times.

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