Opportunity but no handouts

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I see by your article that the Solís administration is expanding the social welfare system which includes giving monthly cash payments in addition to housing and services by searching out recipients.

It reminds me of the Obama Administration paying bonuses to states for signing up more families to the food stamp system. Everyone under the control of the government and on some form of assistance, it must make every Socialist’s heart pound just thinking about it.

All of this done for free by rearranging the existing budget. Oh how I love a free lunch. So much for any government ever reducing its size and cutting the budget, even when it is presently borrowing half of what it spends.

Pali, Walmart, Kolbi and others must be excited thinking about all that extra cash making it’s way to their cash register.

Free market capitalists know that this slippery slope will raise taxes, deficits and costs for the working poor, who are always responsible for paying all government expenses and debts, resulting in lowering their standard of living again and create a larger group of families forever dependent on assistance.

I am in favor of helping people who are struggling by offering education, job opportunities and assistance in the form of commodities, not cash. Easily obtained cash often gets spent easily and not with the same respect that hard-earned money gets.

As in raising children, try to change human nature in a positive way, not a negative way. Provide opportunity, not handouts.

Dave King
Sabana Oeste

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