Praise for Christiana Figueres’s courage

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Christiana Figueres just lightly touched on a most inflammatory issue governments are not facing these days — population reduction.  Nobody in power wants to talk about it.  It doesn’t have to be about killing people or even allowing people to die.  It’s about simple sanity and personal responsibility around creating new life only in a conscious and responsible way rather than mindlessly, or worse — mesmerized by the wool being pulled over people’s eyes — warped ideologies designed to maintain wealth and power for a few.

Along with the environment, growing militance and worldwide inequities, etc., it’s a hot issue.  It’s not surprising than such a backlash of specious misinterpretation would come from those with heavy partisan agendas for maintaining inequities between those who have too much and those who don’t have enough.  The few drink champagne while the many don’t have clean water.  It’s our ideologies and institutions that support and maintain the imbalance.

To my mind, the injustice of extreme inequity is the single core issue that drives all the others, so it’s something even less welcome as a topic.  We are challenged as a species to survive by evolving to a level where everyone has everything they need before anyone has too much.  This is not the business of governments.  It has to be accomplished by each of us in our inner thoughts and outer actions and expressed on a world scale, voluntarily.  If leaders want to lead, let them take us in this direction with compassionate hearts.

It’s clear that present overpopulation with accelerating population growth is one of the herd of elephants in the living room along with all the pollution and the wars being instigated by greedy and powerful folks who seek only more wealth at everyone else’s expense.  It’s high time that courageous leaders take stands in favor of humanistic measures to resolve big issues.

Otherwise, humanity simply becomes an infection that eventually destroys the planet, and by killing the host, eradicates itself.  Facing up to hard issues takes courage in a leader.  Figueres is to be commended for her approach.  We need more leaders like her.

Joseph Riden
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