Praise for Sala Cuarta decisions

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

RE: Gandoca and Coastal Communities Law

We are extremely grateful for the decision by Sala Cuarta to nullify the three laws that were passed with the misleading presentation that the laws would help save the homes of those who had always lived there on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

We deeply regret the losses that any individuals may incur due to the lies and promises of false leaders. We sincerely hope that the government will help the inhabitants here understand the conservation and protection laws and install personnel here to educate and enforce the protection of this unique mixed-use preserve.

We praise the foresight and intelligence of the founding fathers here in this country who made wonderful ecosystem preserves to be available for the pleasure and appreciation of all the people.

Last week Semana Santa brought many people here causing a high demand on all. Jams cause unheard of delays in the tiny town of Puerto Viejo where gridlock kept traffic from passing through. Drinking and washing water was rationed or ran out.  Sewage smelled, and garbage over flowed. We urge the community representatives and elected officials to give serious consideration to the future sustainability of the preserve and the entire ecosystem in their plans for development.

Carol Meeds
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca


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