Report promised today on state of justice here

The Programa Estado de la Nación and the  Poder Judicial are presenting today what is being called a detailed analysis of the state of justice in Costa Rica.

The Programa said that this is an independent report and a tool that investigates from a political and sociological perspective the key challenges that face the Poder Judicial.

The Programa Estado de la Nación is an agency of the Consejo Nacional de Rectores that produces reports on aspects of Costa Rican life. The name comes from the annual report on the state of the nation.

The goals of the justice report is to offer truthful, detailed and opportune information over relevant matters and to offer society new perspectives in evaluating the system of justice, the Programa said.

The contents of the report are not yet public, but the Programa did say the document is in four parts, including case studies of criminal and labor justice and constitutional jurisprudence.

The report comes at a time of great concern among expats over some high-profile crimes and the continuing concern that they will become victims.

The presentation will be at the Franklin Chang Díaz building in Pavas this morning. The usual custom is to post the document on the Programa’s web page. The Programa said that the report is selective and not comprehensive. One of the goals is to dispel what it characterized as myths about justice in Costa Rica, it said.

The document is certain to address the problem of overcrowding in the nation’s prisons and the social class of those jailed.

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