Restaurateurs offer their exciting dining options

Costa Rica has a dynamic and vibrant restaurant scene. Hundreds of men and women, some of them top chefs, have made major investments to support their culinary creativity.

Their restaurant chamber wants to show English-speaking expats and tourists that cuisine here is much more than rice and beans. The chamber is the Cámara Costarricense de Restaurantes y Afines, which hopes to provide some new dining ideas starting this week.

Jorge Figueroa, owner of the famous Chancay, is chamber president. Alejandro Madrigal is the executive director of the  chamber, and he has been selected by the central government to direct a national plan for sustainable and healthy gastronomy.

These two leaders in the industry want to present some of the country’s outstanding eating places to the A.M. Costa Rica readership. The chamber has placed a graphic announcement in the upper right of this page. HERE! The graphic is linked to a PDF file containing details on a list of top restaurants. Readers can consult this growing file or even download it to remind themselves of the spectacular dining options that may be nearby.

Editors encourage readers to provide feedback on featured restaurants and information on ones that may have been missed. Write

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