Rey Curré opens its community museum to the public with fiesta Friday

Expats have the chance to step back into time Friday when the Boruca residents of  Rey Curré inaugurate their community museum.

The celebration begins at 8 a.m. and ends with a traditional Juego de los Diablitos. starting at 2 p.m.

Rey Curré is the most accessible Boruca community because it is located directly on the Interamericana Sur 35 kilometers south of Buenos Aires de Puntarenas.

The Museo Comunitario Yimba has been in planning and construction since 2011. The Museo Nacional supports the museum as a community venture.

The museum itself is constructed along the lines of a pre-Columbian dwelling with a thatched roof. In front are two of those iconic stone balls that researchers believe were used as status symbols.

The interior displays the history of the people and the lengthy fight to remain independent.

The celebration coincides with the Festival Estudiantil Indígena.

The slogan for the event, loosely translated into English is “Corn: Different colors, the same essence, nourishment of life, uniting cultures, blessed grain of our land.” It reads Maíz: Diferentes colores, la misma esencia, alimento de vida, uniendo culturas, granos benditos de nuestra tierra.

In keeping with the slogan there are dances and even contests involving corn grains, such as shucking and grinding corn at 9 a.m.. There also is an exposition of local foods. The afternoon includes a tour of the new museum.

The Juego de los Diablitos is a traditional Boruca event, although it usually lasts for three to four days. The ritualized encounter pits a bull representing the Spanish against little Devils, representing the resident Boruca.  reycurre042215

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