Teens held in separate cases of armed robbery and a murder in Aserrí

Two more juveniles have been detained in the investigation of separate major crimes.

In multiple raids Tuesday morning in Agua Caliente y Cartago Centro a 17 year old came into police custody. He is suspected of being a member of a band of robbers who may have stuck up some 29 locations in the area, mainly Cartago. A 27 year old also was detained.

In Aserrí judicial investigators detained a 15 year old who is involved in a murder case stemming from a Sunday robbery.

The robbery victim did not stop when bandits ordered him to do so, and he was shot fatally in the back. A 23 year old also was detained in the 4 a.m. raids, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The youth and the man detained in Cartago are suspected of being members of a larger gang that preyed on all sorts of businesses.

The gang worked from 3 p.m. to midnight and would burst into shops and stores wearing masks. Agents said that the raids involved six stickups, but that many more were under investigation.

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