This is a weekend made for picnics and a parade

Just like Mother said, it’s time to get out of the house and play outdoors.

This may be one of the last weekends with clear skies all day. The rainy season is fast approaching, and next week might see the beginning of transition with afternoon showers. The rainy season already has moved into the southern Pacific coast.

Strong winds spawned by a high pressure system in the Caribbean still are sweeping the Central Valley and Guanacaste.

The contrary Caribbean coast and the northern zone might see some rain today and over the weekend. That also is true today for the central Pacific.

Saturday is a legal holiday commemorating the Batalla de Rivas where Costa Rica troops routed the forces of U.S. filibusters and self-styled king of Central America William Walker.

The party Saturday is in Alajuela and starts at 9 a.m. This is the 159th anniversary. Alajuela is the hometown of Juan Santamaría, the national hero who distinguished himself during the battle and suffered a fatal wound.

Costa Ricans can sense the arrival of the rainy season. They are helped in this effort by the little clay-colored thrush, the yigüirro, which already has begun to sing its mating song in the early morning as it establishes its territory.

Costa Rican folklore says the bird “calls the rain.”

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