U.S. citizen found dead in Puriscal

A gunman mlay have killed a U.S. citizen and shot his dogs in Puriscal, agents suspect.  However at least one acquaintance said the man was depressed and perhaps was a suicide victim.

The body of the man was located in the afternoon Thursday by Fuerza Pública officers, and it appeared the corpse had been burned.

The elderly man was identified initially as Robert Lemon Stewart. The body was some distance from his home, officers said. Judicial agents were still at the scene at dusk.

The man raised horses on his land, and the body was found near a stable.

The shooting could have taken place Wednesday night or earlier Thursday. One of the two dogs, survived and was reported in the care of a local veterinarian.

Agents were checking the sprawling home to see if there were items missing to support the theory that the death was a murder and the motive was robbery. They also obtained a firearm at the site of the burned body and said they were submitting the weapon for tests to see if it caused the fatal wound.

Puriscal, like other most rural areas, holds many targets for robbers and home invaders.

Robbers fatally injured a U.S. citizen April 1 on the other side of the country in Tamarindo.

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