Unhappy environmentalists plan to march Friday

A coalition of environmentalists plan to march Friday to express their discontent with the Luis Guillermo Solís government.

The government is supporting megaprojects at whatever costs and has backed off on a number of campaign promises, the prepared statement said.

The coalition said that the government was waging war against nature.

The statement listed these organizations:  Bloque Verde, the Federación Conservacionista de Costa Rica, La Alianza de Redes Ambientales, La Red Centroamericana de Acción del Agua, the Asociación Regional Centroamericana para el Agua y el Ambiente, the Asociación Comunidades Ecologistas la Ceiba – Amigos de la Tierra Costa Rica, Acción 2015 and Resistencia Ambientalista por el Humedal Cariari.

Among the complaints is that the current administration did not issue a decree to prohibit genetically modified crops from being planted in Costa Rica. The organizations also oppose expansion of pineapple monoculture, the exportation of shark fins and the practice of trawling for shrimp.

The organizations also oppose the APM Terminal project in Moín, the expansion of the country’s refinery in a deal with the People’s Republic of China and the elimination of a moratorium on incineration of garbage.

Also opposed are the construction of  a power generating dam in the Diquis region.

The statement said that the government’s plan to fight global warming was weak.

The statement called the first 12 months of the Solís administration a lost year with a government that has not given the slightest sign of its intentions to keep its word.

It suggested that the country was submitting itself to the colonial forces of Holland, China and the United States.

Despite the apparent unhappiness, the organizations have selected what appears to be Tomatoman to be the mascot, perhaps in the March Friday.

The labor day march also includes any number of citizens who have gripes.tomatoman043015

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