Vandals seen to have wanted Moín span to collapse

The person or persons who damaged steel bridges over the Río Moín did so in anticipation of a heavy truck collapsing the entire structure.

That is the opinion of highway officials who surveyed the site Wednesday.

The bridges are typical bailey types that can be erected quickly. The  bridges are on the new Ruta 257, which leads to the site of the proposed container handling facility in Moín.

Heavy dump trucks have been using the twin bridges to bring in fill for the construction site. The underpinnings were cut in such a way that the damage is not very visible. The Judicial Investigating Organization is handling the case, and the eventual allegations might rise to the level of attempted murder.

Highway officials speculated that a bridge  collapse under the weight of a dump truck could cost a life. They also noted that none of the metal was stolen as would be the case of a simple theft.

They said that in making repairs, workers might erect concrete pillars to also support the weight of the bridge and to avoid a similar attack on the metal.

The $1 billion container handling facility is considered by officials as a major step in increasing the working and living conditions in the Limón area. Workers on the public docks in Limón and Moín strongly oppose the new facility. They fear losing privileges and jobs.

Some environmentalists also oppose the APM Terminals project because it is being built on an artificial island and because mangroves were affected by the access road.

APM Terminals, a Dutch firm, has facilities around the world and had an income of nearly $4.5 billion in 2014.

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