Yearnings for life-giving rain soon to be fulfilled

After nearly five months of the dry season, Central Valley residents are welcoming the rain.

A minor sprinkle that did not even register on automatic stations blessed parts of the metro area Wednesday. The Caribbean coast got a light rain Wednesday, too.

The population’s love-hate relationship with rain most certainly is in the love category now because the streets need a good washing and the plants are grabbing their little green throats and gagging.

Residents in the south and central pacific already have expressed via emails their glee at enjoying the first rains of the season. Rain fell there Wednesday.

They are likely to get more today in the afternoon.

Curiously, Central Valley residents can have it both ways for awhile. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that during this period of transition the weather alternates each day from dry to wet.

Today is supposed to be dry, but with cloudy skies in the afternoon, except in the south and central Pacific.

The weather institute said that the atmosphere remains stable although there might be some local factors that influence the weather. The day will be hot and sticky again because there is a lot of humidity in the air.

Occasional strong gusts will take place in the Guanacaste mountains, around Tilarán and in the mountains surrounding the Central Valley, the institute said.

Meanwhile, a good volunteer project
would be to clean out those gutters in the street and any trash that has accumulated in the storm sewers. And savvy homeowners will take a look at their own gutters and downspouts to avoid unanticipated floods at the first heavy rain.

Expats this time of year also review their electronic hookups so that they can quickly disconnect valuable equipment when the thunderstorms come. thursty042315

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