19 year old held in murder of schoolboy and attempt on his sister

A 19-year-old agricultural worker is in jail and under investigation for the murder of a schoolboy and the attempted murder of his sister in rural Upala.

The two children,  Teresita Tatiana Mendoza Espinoza, 9, and  Alexander Alberto Scott Espinoza, 11, had been reported missing Tuesday. They were walking about a half a kilometer to their school in the community of Suampito, Valle Bonito de San José de Upala.

Somehow the girl survived. The killer threw the brother down a cliff and then covered the body with vegetation.

Cruz Roja volunteers and Fuerza Pública officers found the girl about 9 a.m. About two hours later, they found the body of the brother. Judicial investigators said that the girl had received blows to the body. She also was reported to be suffering from hypothermia because she was outside all night.

The girl was hospitalized in San José.

Investigators have yet to determine a motive for the killing and the attempted killing. They also have not disclosed the evidence that they had that allowed them to arrest a suspect.

Much of the case will depend on the testimony of the  girl.chid052115

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