Animal health agency tried to isolate chicken disease

An extremely contagious disease of chickens has swept through four farms in northwestern Costa Rica.

The nation’s animal health agency is moving to control the spread of the disease,  Newcastle.

The agency, the  Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal, is in search of other sick birds nearby.

Newcastle disease can produce mild symptoms in humans if there has been direct contact to sick birds. But for chickens and other birds, the disease can be up to 100 percent fatal.

Since there is no cure, the birds from the infected farms are being killed and disposed of in a sanitary way.

So far the numbers are small. The animal health agency said that just 65 birds have died. There are no cures for the viral disease, but there are preventative vaccinations.

In the case of the outbreak in Santa Cecilia de La Cruz, animal health officials have imposed restrictions on transporting birds.

The disease can be spread by contact with wild birds, and some of these can be carriers without obvious symptoms.chickens050515

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