Beware of a property confiscation law

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I have read the article about proposed property seizure laws in Tuesday’s  A.M. Costa Rica. I must say that I am horrified that Costa Rica may choose to go down that slippery slope.

There are many things it has been called by many people – “illegal search and seizure,” “police action without probable cause,” “assumption of guilt,” blah blah blah. In many cases it’s just theft.

Stealing. Robbery. The state or municipal agency uses its power to take away someone’s property without due process. And if you try to get it back – watch out.

Much has written about the abuse of this process here in the U.S.A. The police enrich their departments through the process of forfeiture and seizure. That’s property and money. But if you want to know what can really happen, look into the case of Donald Scott and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department back in 1992. It happened in the Santa Monica mountains in Ventura County where I lived at the time. They killed that fellow because they wanted his ranch.

Don’t go there, Costa Rica. Napoleonic law is bad enough – this is unworthy of your country.
Pete Todd
Fort Collins, Colorado

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