Bill nearing passage would keep track of unpaid labor in the home

A legislative division that has the power to pass laws has given preliminary approval to a measure that recognizes the unpaid labor of child care, household work and the care of older adults and the disabled.

The action came from the Comisión con Potestad Legislativa Plena Segunda on proposal No. 18.073

Specifically the measure asks that the Banco Central, the Ministerio de Hacienda and the Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas include this unpaid labor in what is called the  Sistema de Cuentas Nacionales.

The Sistema is a complex list of economic activities that has been handled by the Banco Central since the 1950s. The gross domestic product, the sum of all goods and services, is derived from this system.

The idea is to give credit for this unpaid activities by putting it in a special category. Still uncertain is how this labor can be calculated. The government will have six months to figure how to do that if the measure gets a second approval.

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