Country awaits much-heralded delivery of sextuplets

Forget politics. Forget the economy. Even forget fútbol.

The country’s medical system has geared up to handle the birth of sextuplets. And the focus of public attention is switching to Hospital México in la Uruca.

The Belén resident, Cinthia Villegas, will complete her 27th week of pregnancy Friday. Her medical team expects to perform a caesarian at the end of week 28.

In addition to the La Uruca hospital, the other San José area hospitals are on alert and have designated specialists to assist. The hospitals are San Juan de Dios, Mujeres, Calderón Guardia, Hospital Nacional de Niños and Max Peralta in Cartago.

The Caja Costarricense de Seguro
Social said the plan is to distribute the six babies at birth to the other hospitals and their neonatal departments. A big concern is the lung development of the babies.

The mother-to-be is 34, and these are her first children.

The Spanish-language press and television are beginning daily reports on the mother and the preparations. There have been televised interviews with the father-to-be and the soon-to-be grandmother.

The Caja hospitals handled more than 65,000 births in 2014 and only 17 of these were triplets.

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