Dangerous drug was sold by the drop

Officers of the Fuerza Pública’s regional drug program have identified three students they say are selling a dangerous prescription drug.

The drug is  clonazepam, which, among other side effects, may encourage thoughts of suicide, according to medical information on the Web. The drug also can harm unborn babies.

Police said that the drug was being sold by a 15 year old as drops in liquid form for 500 colons. They did not identified the school where the drug was found but said it was in San José.

Police make routine inspections of schools, and this is how they located the drug, they said.

The drug is used to treat  seizures or panic disorder, and it is considered a psychotropic. Even in Costa Rica it only is available by prescription.

Police said the drug can produce a range of reactions including trembling, hallucinations, convulsions and respiratory depression.

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