Friday is a day to celebrate the work of the nation’s farmers and ranchers

Just as everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone will be a farmer Friday, which is the Día del Agricultor Costarricense.

This also will be a day when real farmers issue their annual complaints about low returns on their investment.

The day has been celebrated officially since 1968 when the law creating the day passed.

Costa Rica is land rich in plant life and the necessities for plant growth. However, farmers continually cite road conditions and transportation costs as impediments to getting their product to the market.

This is the type of occupation when the producer does not set the price. Farmers frequently complain that they are victims of sharp practices by wholesales and even truckers.

Farmers also do not set the price of the goods they buy. So they lose both ways.

In a few rural areas expats are trying to set up systems where producers can pool their crops to seek a better market price.

The growth of the weekend ferias took place because farmers can sell their products directly to the end consumer.

Coope Ande in a tribute to agriculturalists asked the question what would happen if there were no farmers. The answer is obvious.

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