Lawmaker wants to ban illegal cash

Franklin Corella Vargas, a lawmaker, said Thursday that the system of election financing oversight needs to be reinforced.

The  Partido Acción Ciudadana lawmaker made the comments in the wake of revelations that Eduardo Li Sánchez had donated 55 million colons in cash and bonds to the presidential campaign of Johnny Araya.

In a statement,  Corella noted that Li, the suspended head of the Costa Rican soccer federation, now faces allegation of accepting bribes and money laundering. The lawmaker said the country must close the doors to prevent illegal money entering election campaigns.

He called upon the government to make this a priority and to create a special prosecutor for election crimes.

Also Thursday the  Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto said that the Costa Rican ambassador in Switzerland, Isabel Montero, talked with Li and said that he is in good condition. He is being held in Zurich where he was detained.

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