Lawyer/notary took the money and fled the country

We are still feeling the emotional stress from the loss in 2008 to 09 of $150,000 of our retirement money that was scammed by our lawyer while we were residents of Costa Rica.

The manipulations of property is easily done by an attorney who is a notary and should be a crime against the country as well.

I don’t understand the function of the American Embassy because they don’t seem to protect expats from anything. As far as that is concerned, even the Fiscalia doesn’t handle the fraud that goes on in Costa Rica. We were quick to report this so that the lawyer could be restricted from leaving the country and a search warrant could be done at his home and office.

None of this happened because delays were deliberately created with help from his parents to be sure he got out of the country before he could be arrested.

We think that he is in Uruguay where there is no extradition, so he is free to live his life out of jail with millions in his pocket from others that he scammed.

The biggest joke is that he can return to Costa Rica in 2018 with no repercussion for his crimes to many other people; and walk the streets freely.

There will still be many looking for him, when that happens. Something wrong with this picture.

* The writer lives in Dallas, Texas.

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