Making hash oil at home can be an explosive experience

Back in the old days of Prohibition homeowners making a version of bathtub gin could suffer embarrassment and burns when the mix exploded and knocked out the wall of their home.

The modern version of this is hash oil, made with marijuana and butane gas. This type of liquid marijuana is becoming more popular because it can be smoked with electronic cigarettes that vaporize the oil.

However, the oil is highly dangerous to make.

Ask two person who suffered burns in Brasil de Mora and were hospitalized in Hospital San Juan de Dios early Wednesday.  Fuerza Pública officers who responded called judicial investigators because the apartment was littered with bags of marijuana, they said.

The butane gas, which can be purchased in small canisters, appears to have ignited, agents said.

Online sources say that some 17 persons have been burned in a similar fashion in California while making the hash oil.

There was so much marijuana in the second floor Mora apartment that agents left weighing it up to a forensic team. There also were small cans of butane.

Agents said that the two 25-year-old men suffered burns over 30 to 40 percent of their body.caanisters050715

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