Ministry reports that 67 percent of festival activities took place

The culture ministry reported Monday that 67 percent of the activities planned for the Festival International de las Artes took place.

The ministry said that 341 events were planned and that 227 took place. However, some of the events were put on in scaled-down versions.

The ministry is now under the control of  Sylvie Durán, who was named in the wake of firings of key staffers after the collapse of the festival, which had been planned for Aserrí, Acosta, AlajuelitaAlajuelita, Desamparados and the Centro Nacional de la Cultura downtown.

There were many problems relating to the festival, which is why Elizabeth Fonseca, the former minister, no longer is a government employee. A big problem was the inability to execute a contract for sound and lights due to administrative errors. But a report outlined communication problems, too.

The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud also said Monday that an office is being set up for those who have issues with the festival. However, the report said that about 339 million colons, some $645,000, already had been paid for artists who were contracted for the festival.

That appears to be about three quarters on the amount owned.

The ministry said that the arts festival cost 646 million colons, about $1.23 million. Some 91 percent of the money was budgeted for artist and presenters, said the ministry.

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