More opposition to genetic modifications

There is a new wave of opposition building against a request by Dow AgroSciences to experiment with genetically modified crops here.

The permission is being sought from the Comisión Técnica Nacional de Bioseguridad.

An environmental organization issued a statement against the proposal although it admitted that the details were unknown. Thursday so did members of the Partido Acción Ciudadana.

Both statements noted that the Sala IV constitutional court has declared parts of the way permission are granted to be unconstitutional. That is why approval of a Monsanto Corp. project still is in limbo.

Javier Cambronero Arguedas, one of the lawmakers, said that he wants to keep genetically modified crops out of Costa Rica even though the legislature earlier this year declined to pass a moratorium bill.

He said that there was a risk and threat of crossing native species with genetically modified plants. He said experiments should only be done in confined areas.

So far no one has said that he or she has determined the genome of traditional species of corn and other plants to find out exactly what are natives. In addition nearly all the imported snack foods contain genetically modified products. There has been no outcry over them.

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