More police officers are sought for the province of Cartago

The province of Cartago does not have a reputation as a hotbed of criminality. However, lawmakers who represent the area are seeking more police.

Of the estimated 13,500 police officers in the country, only 850 are assigned to Cartago to cover three shifts, the lawmakers noted Tuesday.

The special committee of Cartago lawmakers heard from top police officials and then determined that judicial agents also have a bigger case load than elsewhere.

The committee heard from  Gustavo Mata, the minister of Seguridad Pública, that 75 percent of the crimes in Cartago are related in some way to drugs. He also said that there is the continual presence of drug cartels in the province.

Also appearing was the regional head of the Judicial Investigating Organization, Alberto Palma.

Lawmaker Paulina Ramírez Portuguez cited the number of police assigned to the province. She and other members of the committee are planning a meeting with a larger group to include mayors, education officials and representatives of other agencies in the province, they said.

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