More thunder and lightning predicted for Pacific and Central Valley

The time has come to start disconnecting the computers and flat-screen televisions when the clouds gather.

The hot weather and overcast skies are dragging moisture from the Pacific Ocean, and the south and central Pacific regions as well as the Nicoya peninsula and the Central Valley are likely to see more afternoon thunderstorms.

That is the prediction from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Today’s forecast closely resembles yesterday’s.

The weather institute put out a special bulletin about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday warning of downpours. There were some very localized heavy storms all over the western part of the country. In other places, there was what could be called a heavy mist or dew.

The weather institute warned of possible flooding in the Central Valley and on the Pacific coast.  The agency noted that the main danger was clogged storm drains.

During a day filled with thunderstorms, Costa Rica may receive up to 10,000 lightning strikes.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad keeps track with automatic equipment.

Any one of them can fry a computer, a television set or other electronic devices.  There are a number of devices that are supposed to ward off lightning from valuable equipment. They are ineffective when lightning makes a direct hit or nearly so and may be fried themselves.

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