Nation’s bridges are not safe, budget agency says after review

The budget watchdog agency came out with a scary report about the country’s bridges Tuesday.

The agency, the Contraloría General de la República, said that the findings of a study do not permit the current administration to guarantee the security of users of the highway system.

The report specifically addressed bridges, which the agency said were deteriorating despite money set aside to fix them.

The Contraloría speculated on the economic and human impact of a bridge collapse. It said the situation was urgent.

The national road agency has failed to take action and only spent 19.66 percent of the budget allocated for bridge repair, said the Contraloría.

The road agency,the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad is part of bridgedamae052715the  Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes.

The report also said that the road agency does not have a complete inventory of the nation’s bridges.

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